Custom Clothing and Design

I wanted to take a few minutes and provide a short explanation of Custom Clothing & Design as it relates to Lucky 7 Designs. 

Most times when one hears custom clothing, they think screen printed, or embroidered, shirts or sweatshirts. They begin with an already produced, by someone else, garment and then something is added to it. 

Lucky 7 Studios does not begin with some other person or company produced garment. 

Custom  = “made to order”, individually – one of a kind, not mass produced

Clothing = “clothes considered as a group”, wearing apparel, “a covering”

Design = “to conceive or fashion in the mind; invent”. “to create or execute”, “to create designs = a drawing or sketch”

Therefore, Lucky 7 Studios creates one of a kind made to order garments tailored to each individual person. 

Lucky 7 Studios does not mass produce garments, we may at one time, or another create designs that may be used again and again but each garment is specific to one person. Lucky 7 Studios will no longer make memory quilts, even though we have in the past, there are plenty of those “custom clothing and design” companies around. The only alterations we will do are for our individual clients on garments we have made for them. We also do not make masks, unless they are to match a client’s garments we have created. 

With all that said, Lucky 7 Studios will provide you with a one of a kind, client focused, custom designed and made (often using couture techniques) garments. 

There are a few ways we do this: 

  • begin with a design in one of my seasonal fashion lines; 
  • start with your idea in your head, sketch the design, create the patterns, and tailor the garment to your ideas; and 
  • we can also take an image of a garment that you might like, create the pattern, and then create the garment for you. 

We can also create a pattern with instructions for you to make your own garments. The pattern would be created using your personal measurements. 

If you want to know more use the form on the contact page and reach out!

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