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The Big Announcement

Each Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer collection will be available as a custom design for each individual person… And each year, Lucky 7 Studios will provide a book that contains all the patterns, sample photos, and step by step instructions for both the A/W and the S/S Collections so you can make your own Seasonal Collection at home. These will only be available to purchase directly from Lucky 7 Studios. The 2021 book will begin pre-sales in August, with production in September and shipping in October 2021.

Follow along this journey with us on our Instagram and sign up for the Newsletter so your are the first to know when these become available.

Periods of Costume – An Introduction

Costume definition – a set of clothes in a style typical of a particular country or historical period:  distinctive style of dress of an individual or group that reflects class, gender, profession, ethnicity, nationality, activity of epoch. (

Why an Introduction? This is the first in a series of blogs about different costume periods in time. When beginning the research for this post, I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of books, blogs, academic journal articles, and more that are related to this particular topic. I will not bore you with all those details. But I will say this series may never end…. As time goes on, there are more and more periods of costumes being defined all the time – even as I sit here, what I may think is 21st Century 2000 – 2009 may really be something else. 

So the story goes, here lies the time periods I will post about: 

  • Ancient World
  • Middle Ages
  • 14th Century
  • 15th Century
  • 16th Century
  • 17th Century
  • 18th Century
  • 19th Century
  • 20th Century

Each of these is broken into smaller categories/time periods. For example, Ancient World contains prehistoric, Assyrian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Etruscan, Sumerian, and Minoan. I will start at the beginning and blog to the present two to three times a month (I may jump around every once in a while… you won’t want to miss these). They will arrive on Tuesdays. My greatest hope is some converstaion can be started! 

Custom Pattern and Instructions

Good Morning,

While you are reading this I am busy baking breads and cookies to share this holiday season.

It has been a rough year for everyone – even my cats are confused!

I wanted to share another service that Lucky 7 Studios offers to our customers and clients – custom patternmaking with personal instructions! Yes, that is exactly what I said – if you are a sewer – we can make a custom pattern using your measurements – I know that is Crazy!

The overall process is well…. Here let me explain …

My mother has this dress that she absolutely LOVES! She is a sewer and could not find a pattern that matched that dress. We scoured the internet and looked at all the big name pattern companies and as many small independent ones I could find. We could not even find anything similar to her dress. She was sad to say the least.

She knew I made patterns and custom clothes – She asked me of I could make a pattern using her dress. I said “of course” – this was going to be easier than recreating something from nothing.

So she sent me her dress in the mail – COVID and all…. What follows are the general steps to complete such product/service. (There will be more photos at the end)

  • Step 1 – evcaluate the garment to setermine the number of pattern pieces
  • Step 2 – take measurements of everything – more than once.
  • Step 3 – begin to draft the pieces
  • Step 4 – verify their accuracy to measurements and to the garment
  • Step 5 – Determine seam allowances
  • Step 6 – Draft final pattern pieces
  • Step 7 – Photograph and upload each piece
  • Step 8 – Complete the instructions for client/customer (this is a LONG process)
  • Step 9 – Ship pattern & instructions to client, including the Lucky 7 Studios label

This same process can also be done from a sketch, an idea you have, a photo of a garment that you love, or many other things. Your measurements and the idea are all that are needed to get started!

If you are interested in this service and would like more information please contanct Jennifer at to discuss your project and recieve a personalized quote.

More Photos:

Historic Bonnet Recreation

A client came to me from the Salem Historical Society and needed a replica of a bonnet. The one they were using was falling apart and needed it replicated without removing a stitch. 

Historic Bonnet from Salem Historical Society.

Once I received the bonnet, I set to work on a plan to recreate such a delicate piece of history. 

The first step was to determine how many pieces there were to the bonnet and how they went together. 

Next, was to begin preliminary measurements, then check and double check. 

This is my assistant Jilly Bean!

Next, create a pattern for each and every piece. Checking and double checking as I go. 

Finally, cut the fabric and put the bonnet together. I do not have any final photos of the bonnet, as I returned it to the Historical Society before, I thought about it. 

Once, she got it home I had made an error, it does happen, the side pieces were too far forward and blocked her vision, so she took part of it apart and “fixed” it. 

This particular recreation was an amazing learning experience in my sewing career, it allowed me access to an original historic garment to see their process of garment construction. There were many hand stitches. If I were to make another as such, I would feel better using the original method of construction, even if it took a little longer, this way it would be more authentic. 

If you have an item you would like recreated, I am available for a consultation, and would look forward to the opportunity. 

Happy Thanksgiving

This year is a little rough for most, some have lost family, and others cannot be together. As the saying goes. we will get through this one way or another. We will persevere. With that said, let us take a moment and be grateful. Let us show thanks and gratefulness to our front line workers that are in healthcare, without them, where would we be? Let us thank the post office and the shipping companies, without them, how could we order online and stay safe? We salute the retail and the dining businesses also.

However, I want us to thank ourselves. I want us to recognize where we were when this all started and where we are now! We are an amazing people. We are showing that despite it all, we are grateful and proud! We are not roiling over and putting our bellies in the air, saying “I am done”. No, we are going on, moving forward. We are supporting each other in ways I haven’t seen in a very long time. We are getting to know our neighbors and lending a helping hand when needed. And they, in return, the same.

As we move closet to Christmas, with black Friday tomorrow, Shop Small on Saturday, and all the other retail campaigns, remember the small business on your “Main Street”, without your sales, they may not be there for you next year. This is a hard time for small businesses, let us reach out and pull them back to safety. Let us support every single local small business. Let’s flood them with kindness, and gratefulness as we visit their stores. The items may cost more, but they are made with love, care, attention to detail, and by a person, not a company that send their product elsewhere to be mass produced.

As I small business, I too fall into the category of needing pulling back. Keep an eye out tomorrow for a Black Friday special.

Thank you all for all you do. From all of us at Lucky 7 Studios, Happy Thanksgiving!

Custom Clothing and Design

I wanted to take a few minutes and provide a short explanation of Custom Clothing & Design as it relates to Lucky 7 Designs. 

Most times when one hears custom clothing, they think screen printed, or embroidered, shirts or sweatshirts. They begin with an already produced, by someone else, garment and then something is added to it. 

Lucky 7 Studios does not begin with some other person or company produced garment. 

Custom  = “made to order”, individually – one of a kind, not mass produced

Clothing = “clothes considered as a group”, wearing apparel, “a covering”

Design = “to conceive or fashion in the mind; invent”. “to create or execute”, “to create designs = a drawing or sketch”

Therefore, Lucky 7 Studios creates one of a kind made to order garments tailored to each individual person. 

Lucky 7 Studios does not mass produce garments, we may at one time, or another create designs that may be used again and again but each garment is specific to one person. Lucky 7 Studios will no longer make memory quilts, even though we have in the past, there are plenty of those “custom clothing and design” companies around. The only alterations we will do are for our individual clients on garments we have made for them. We also do not make masks, unless they are to match a client’s garments we have created. 

With all that said, Lucky 7 Studios will provide you with a one of a kind, client focused, custom designed and made (often using couture techniques) garments. 

There are a few ways we do this: 

  • begin with a design in one of my seasonal fashion lines; 
  • start with your idea in your head, sketch the design, create the patterns, and tailor the garment to your ideas; and 
  • we can also take an image of a garment that you might like, create the pattern, and then create the garment for you. 

We can also create a pattern with instructions for you to make your own garments. The pattern would be created using your personal measurements. 

If you want to know more use the form on the contact page and reach out!

Happy Friday

Happy Friday! My hope is ya’ll are enjoying your days even with everything that is happening here in the USA and around the world! In the forthcoming weeks, the new website will be up and fully functional. I am excited to go on this new adventure with Lucky 7 Studios and all it has to bring.

Pages to come:

  • News
  • Designs
  • Process
  • Calendar
  • About
  • Contact
  • and more

There will be a new Instagram and Twitter and Facebook will be totally revamped. The goal is to eventually bring you a new video every other week – to look into the many parts and pieces of Lucky 7 Studios and a look inside the studio (this will be the first video).

So take a moment and sign up for the newsletter so you NEVER miss a thing.