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Historic Bonnet Recreation

A client came to me from the Salem Historical Society and needed a replica of a bonnet. The one they were using was falling apart and needed it replicated without removing a stitch. 

Historic Bonnet from Salem Historical Society.

Once I received the bonnet, I set to work on a plan to recreate such a delicate piece of history. 

The first step was to determine how many pieces there were to the bonnet and how they went together. 

Next, was to begin preliminary measurements, then check and double check. 

This is my assistant Jilly Bean!

Next, create a pattern for each and every piece. Checking and double checking as I go. 

Finally, cut the fabric and put the bonnet together. I do not have any final photos of the bonnet, as I returned it to the Historical Society before, I thought about it. 

Once, she got it home I had made an error, it does happen, the side pieces were too far forward and blocked her vision, so she took part of it apart and “fixed” it. 

This particular recreation was an amazing learning experience in my sewing career, it allowed me access to an original historic garment to see their process of garment construction. There were many hand stitches. If I were to make another as such, I would feel better using the original method of construction, even if it took a little longer, this way it would be more authentic. 

If you have an item you would like recreated, I am available for a consultation, and would look forward to the opportunity. 

Black Friday 2020

Wow! How different everything looks this year. I have personally only ever actually participated in 2 black Friday shopping experiences. I prefer to stay home and shop another day. However, this year, it is very different in so many ways. With the rise in COVID cases rising exponentially, it is a risk to go out and shop.

Since, many are shopping online, why not schedule a personal clothing consultation. How would you like to look in your closet and know that EVERY. SINGLE. GARMENT is made to fit you and only you, not just the measurements, but the overall appearance? What about opening your closet and instead of being overwhelmed by all the garments you just had to have (fast fashion anyone?) and “nothing to wear” – what if you had an intentional wardrobe, a capsule wardrobe, a wardrobe designed and tailored just for you?

I know I prefer it that way. I am personally working through my closet, as I make more garments that are to my taste and fit, I am removing ones that no longer serve a purpose and it is amazing to pull a dress on that fits just right, or able to grab a blouse and skirt and not only look good but feel good in them also.

So, for Black Friday this year, there are 3, yes I said 3, specials:

  1. If you schedule a wardrobe consultation for next week, by Sunday, 29 November 2020 at 11:59pm, the consultation fee will be waived and a 10% reduction on the cost of one garment at the time of deposit on your first garment.
  2. If 8 people schedule a wardrobe consultation (for any time before December 31, 2020, 11:59 PM) by Sunday, 29 November 2020 at 11:59pm – I will choose one name at random to receive 50% off their entire first custom garment order.
  3. Some places charge upwards of $100 or more for a consultation, for a limited time (December 31, 2020, 11:59 PM), Lucky 7 Studios will only charge $25.00.

Happy Thanksgiving

This year is a little rough for most, some have lost family, and others cannot be together. As the saying goes. we will get through this one way or another. We will persevere. With that said, let us take a moment and be grateful. Let us show thanks and gratefulness to our front line workers that are in healthcare, without them, where would we be? Let us thank the post office and the shipping companies, without them, how could we order online and stay safe? We salute the retail and the dining businesses also.

However, I want us to thank ourselves. I want us to recognize where we were when this all started and where we are now! We are an amazing people. We are showing that despite it all, we are grateful and proud! We are not roiling over and putting our bellies in the air, saying “I am done”. No, we are going on, moving forward. We are supporting each other in ways I haven’t seen in a very long time. We are getting to know our neighbors and lending a helping hand when needed. And they, in return, the same.

As we move closet to Christmas, with black Friday tomorrow, Shop Small on Saturday, and all the other retail campaigns, remember the small business on your “Main Street”, without your sales, they may not be there for you next year. This is a hard time for small businesses, let us reach out and pull them back to safety. Let us support every single local small business. Let’s flood them with kindness, and gratefulness as we visit their stores. The items may cost more, but they are made with love, care, attention to detail, and by a person, not a company that send their product elsewhere to be mass produced.

As I small business, I too fall into the category of needing pulling back. Keep an eye out tomorrow for a Black Friday special.

Thank you all for all you do. From all of us at Lucky 7 Studios, Happy Thanksgiving!